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Local Bees make Local Honey.

From the wild kept fields around our farm, bees gather pollen from local plants and bring it back to the hive. Frames are spun down annually by our family and stored for our friends and guests. Folks get a small jar with every stay. If you’d like to ensure your honey is real, or you’d like a souvenir from your stay with Sky Farms Tennessee, we have a variety of sizes available. Check out this years harvest offerings!

Honey Flight

Perfect For Holidays, Birthdays And Other Occasions. Our flight includes aged, raw honey from the last four years. Each year is different. Wildflower harvests at varying times of year lead to an assortment of color and flavor based on which flowers and plants have had the best year. 4qty – 1.5 ounce jars.


Small Jars of Honey

Folks get a small jar with every stay, but if you’d like a souvenir or gift to bring home, we’ve got the Sky Farms Tennessee Honey from the 2022 harvest! This years honey is a light, golden goodness (pictured)! 1.5 ounce jars.